William Owens is passionate about God alone. He humbly acknowledges the gift of God through His Son Jesus Christ and has personally accepted Jesus as his Savior. He believes that Jesus the ONLY WAY, the ONLY TRUTH and the ONLY LIFE and that He is the sole mediator between God and Man (1 Tim. 2:5).

William was studying Hebrews 12:8 on the stairs of his home in Memphis, TN in 1998 that says, But if ye be without chastisement, whereof all are partakers, then are ye bastards, and not sons.

When he read this verse, God spoke directly to his spirit, “William, there are bastards in the pulpit all throughout America”. This shocked William and he knew it was a book that God was quickening him to write.

He started immediately that moment and within 30-45 days the book was done. This will be the 20th year that this book has been selling and is William’s best seller to date. He believes the message was entrusted to him to declare and now he is bringing this truth to stage in the Fall of 2018.

William rode his bike from NV to TX sharing the gospel along the way. A total of 1014 miles!

William is the author of 15 books on Christianity. Other titles include, “Warriors Arise – Spiritual Life • Spiritual Maturity & Spiritual Warfare”, “Divine Protocol – The Order of God’s Kingdom”. His two books of poetry include, “Naked Before God – Words that Express My Heart” and Poems for America.

He is currently producing the theatrical production of Bastards in the Pulpit in Tyler, TX. He enjoys cycling, cooking and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with people in artistic and unassuming ways.

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