Cause and Effect

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Our nation is in peril. Why?  Because peril on this level reflects the state of spiritual leadership in the land more than political leadership.

Regardless of how we strive to separate spiritual consequences from social issues and political process, it does not work. Sure we can draw the line within our minds, at our conventions and in our conversations, however there are effects behind every decision we make in life; including for a nation.

As we witness a falling away of spiritual leadership from the Word of God, there will be massive consequences for every sector of society.

  • Family
  • Community
  • Government

In keeping with the theme of cause and effect, God will demonstrate that His Word has the final authority by allowing the consequences of our nations decisions on “moral” issues to bring forth the fruit that will testify as to whether these decisions where good or bad.

The only question that matters on a personal note, is how these manifested consequences will effect your life. Based on principle, everyone will be effected within the nation that will suffer. How you are effected personally will reveal whether or not you have paid attention to the Lord’s voice for yourself and have prepared for what is to come.

We prepare by prayer and then we receive revelation. Once given, we must act on that revelation by faith.

We can each determine the cause and effect that will take place in our lives by drawing nearer the Lord daily.

Pray for America for her days ahead will be historic.

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