A spiritual poetic theatrical productions that begins with a sinister monologue rendered by Lukfar which unveils his horrific demise from heaven to earth. In a vile mindset that depicts a dark depression for his loss, he develops a plan to dethrone man from his exalted position as the legal owner to have dominion over all the earth.

Seeing he has lost his first estate, Lukfar’s problem is that he has no kingdom and the plot is to take Adam’s. However, it must be through Adam’s own consent and not by force. The only option that exists is to tempt Adam with the same temptation that he was tempted with – judge God as unfair and abandon obeying Him.

Having successfully humiliated Adam, he has now furthered his method throughout the history of mankind and it has arrived in a small community where Strongman, a hideous principality who operates under the instructions of Lukfar. Strongman, along with his human counterparts Jezrel and Attorney Francis, are seeking control of a growing consortium of leaders. Patiently gaining considerable control over their ministries and congregants. Little does Strongman know there is an unassuming young minister – Will, the son of Bishop Oswald who becomes involved in exposing this scheme. He will be used to stand in the gap and challenge this assault on God’s people and the doctrine of the Holy Bible.

The play has a duality of the spiritual and the natural realm. A poetic dialogue with heart wrenching transparency of the human condition. A cold transparent dialogue between Strongman and human counterparts. A calculating manipulative attorney and a self-condemned preacher desperate to be free from years of rebellion and hypocrisy with humorous moments that show the human desire to be happy, free and unafraid.

Bastards in the Pulpit is a poetic revelation of redemption, damnation and the danger of playing with God. This production makes clear this consequence, while never losing site of grace and mercy while it is yet called day.

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